Jennifer J. Lee in a group show at The Pit

Jennifer J. Lee has a new painting on view in Double Play, a group show curated by Left Field Projects at The Pit in Los Angeles, California.

Jennifer J. Lee in Art in America



Jennifer J. Lee’s recent show at the gallery is reviewed by Rahel Aima in the April issue of Art in America.

Jennifer J. Lee in group show at LX Arts

Jennifer J. Lee is exhibiting two paintings in a group show called Last Night I Wore a Costume, curated by Lisa Cooley, at LX Arts. The show runs until May 29th, 2019. 36 East 60th Street, New York, NY.



Jennifer J. Lee in group show at Fisher Parrish Gallery

Jennifer J. Lee has two paintings on view in The Views at Fisher Parrish in Brooklyn. The show is up until March 24th, 2019. 238 Wilson Ave.