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The Victoria and Albert Museum acquires Sam Contis

Eight photographs from Sam Contis’ series Overpass were acquired by The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England.

Sam Contis Acquired by the Carnegie Museum of Art

The Carnegie Museum of Art has acquired five artworks from Sam Contis’ photo series Overpass.

Kemar Keanu Wynter Acquisition

Kemar Keanu Wynter’s Jerk Pork (2021) was acquired by Art Galleries at Black Studies, University of Texas. “Art Galleries at Black Studies at The University of Texas at Austin (AGBS) is a collecting institution whose mission is to acquire, preserve, interpret, exhibit, and otherwise make accessible modern and contemporary art and cultural materials from Africa and the African Diaspora for the benefit of a variety of audiences” (from AGBS website).

Sam Contis Works Acquired by The Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou has acquired the following artworks from Sam Contis’s Deep Springs series: Untitled (Neck), 2015; Hold Down, 2014; Pulling Back the Skin, 2014; Eggs, 2015; Red Desert (Death Valley), 2014; Shoeing, 2013; Untitled (Sheet), 2016; Cover, 2013; Arbor, 2014; Untitled (Riding the Range, ca. 1920-24), 2016.

Tamara Gonzales Painting Newly Acquired by the San Antonio Museum of Art

Hawk Moth, a mixed-media painting by Tamara Gonzales, was recently acquired by the San Antonio Museum of Art through the Alex Katz Foundation.

Museums acquire Holly Coulis’s paintings

Blanton Museum of Art has acquired Cat and Mint Light, 2018 and Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art has acquired Vases and Citrus Above, 2020 (the piece is on view in “Evocations: Celebrating the Museum’s Collection” through December 22, 2021)

Studio Museum Acquires Erika Ranee

Erika Ranee’s painting Give Mummy a Big Kiss for Me (2013) was acquired by The Studio Museum in Harlem.

RISD Museum receives gift of artworks from Avo Samuelian and Manuel Gonzalez

The RISD Museum announces a significant gift of 66 contemporary artworks from collectors Avo Samuelian and Manuel Gonzalez. Thirty-three works were brought into the collection in December 2019 joining a similar gift to the museum of 33 works in 2017. Both gifts expand the museum’s Contemporary Art and Prints, Drawings, and Photographs collections considerably, introducing works by Uri Aran, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Lothar Hempel, Jordan Nassar, and Paul P; additional works by Karla Black, Jim Lambie, and Tony Feher strengthen the RISD Museum’s commitment to artists already in the collection. Also of note are works by RISD alumni and faculty including David Scanavino, David Benjamin Sherry, and Patricia Treib that further develop the museum’s representation of figures who have helped define the school’s reputation. Read more on

MoMA Acquires Sam Contis Photographs

Six Sam Contis photographs were acquired by the Museum of Modern Art, including Embrace (2015) and High Noon (2014).

The Whitney Museum Acquires Sam Contis

The Whitney Museum has acquired 10 photographs from Sam Contis’ Deep Springs series.

Whitney Acquires Alex Dodge

The Whitney Museum in New York City added two Alex Dodge artworks, Human-Assisted Simulations of a Universal Will to Become (Simulation 9) andFunctional Models of Self Realization (sammai-gumi) 6 (both 2014), to their collection. This brings the total up to four in their permanent collection.

Glen Baldridge acquisition by the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art acquired two works on paper by Glen Baldridge.

Glen Baldridge Acquisition by the New York Public Library

Glen Baldridge’s screenprint mirror to your fears was added to the New York Public Library’s art and architecture collection.

Barry Stone Acquired by Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX

Barry Stone has two artworks acquired into the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX.

The Bronx Museum Acquires Tamara Gonzales

An artwork by Tamara Gonzales is now in The Bronx Museum’s permanent collection.

Glen Baldridge Acquired by the Whitney Museum

The End’s Not Near, It’s Here (2009) by Glen Baldridge was acquired by the Whitney Museum.