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Pamela Jorden in group show at Philip Martin Gallery

Pamela Jorden is showing new work in a group show, “The Sky Has a Thousand Windows”, opening March 16 at Philip Martin Gallery in Los Angeles.  The show also features work by Rema Ghuloum, Sky Glabush, and Sophie Treppendahl, and is up through April 13, 2024.

Pamela Jorden at Romer Young Gallery, SF

Duet, a solo show of new paintings by Pamela Jorden, is on view at Romer Young Gallery in San Fransisco, CA. In Jorden’s words: “My paintings are improvisations and layered compositions. I often create ruptures in my work through compositional breaks or by putting two separate frames together to form a diptych. I like to think about bringing multiple points of view into an image, so while there may be a fracture, the paintings are also “at once” or simultaneous. The paintings settle into a complete state when they feel like they contain a logic that is particular to the piece, but also when it feels like it could keep moving.” The exhibition runs November 2 through December 16, 2023.

Alex Dodge and Pamela Jorden at RISD Museum

Pamela Jorden and Alex Dodge have artworks included in Art and Design from 1900 to Now  at the RISD Museum.

Pamela Jorden at 515 Bendix

Pamela Jorden has four small paintings included in Hover, a three person show with Alicia Cheatham and Amy Green at 515 Bendix in Los Angeles. The exhibition, curated by Ruth Trotter, is on view September 16 though October 7, 2023.

Pamela Jorden at Philip Martin Gallery

Pamela Jorden has a painting included in The Holographic Principle, a group show at Philip Martin Gallery that explores what picture-making is. The exhibition is on view through June 3, 2023.

Pamela Jorden in California’s Governor’s Mansion

A painting by Pamela Jordan is on view at the Governor’s Mansion in Sacramento, CA.

Pamela Jorden and Holly Coulis at Philip Martin Gallery

Holly Coulis and Pamela Jorden have paintings in Pocket Universe, a group show at Phillip Martin Gallery. The exhibition, which celebrates the gallery’s recent move to a new location, is on view 14 February through 11 March, 2023.

An Artforum “Must-See” Show

Pamela Jorden’s 2022 solo show Weathers is listed as part of Artforum’s “Must-See Shows,” the editors’ selection of essential exhibitions worldwide. The exhibition is on view through December 10, 2022.

Pamela Jorden in See/Saw

Pamela Jorden is one of two artists in See/Saw at Channel to Channel gallery. Eleanor Aldrich and Pamela Jorden met at the University of Tennessee and this exhibition marks the first time these two artists are placed side-by-side. The show runs from August 13 through September 3.

Holly Coulis and Pamela Jorden in Group Show at Philip Martin Gallery

Pamela Jorden and Holly Coulis have paintings included in Holly Coulis, Jackie Gendel, Pamela Jorden, Yoora Lee, a group show at Philip Martin Gallery. The exhibition is up August 6 through September 17, 2022.

Pamela Jorden Featured in an Article on Tondo Paintings

Pamela Jorden’s practice is discussed in “Why Artists Are Turning to Tondo Paintings,” an article written by Rahel Aima for