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Barry Stone

Highway 71 Revisited

January 11 - February 10, 2008

Opening Reception : January 11, 2008 7-9 pm

Artist's talk : January 13, 2008 12-1 pm

Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition of photographs by Barry Stone titled “Highway 71 Revisited.” An opening reception for the artist will be held Friday, January 11, from 7–9 PM. There will be a talk by the artist on Sunday, January 13th at 12 PM.Barry Stone recently moved back to familiar stomping grounds: Texas, the state he lived in from birth until his late 20s. His upcoming show is a series of photographs all taken digitally with a snapshot sensibility. The installation, hung unframed and in thematically and formally varied groups is a reckoning with the experiences of “coming home,” almost like disparate observations from a reporter’s notebook, or scenes from a home video. The subject matter varies from people walking under highways, to fake flowers in fast-food restaurants, trees lit by false suns, and abstracted galaxies.

Stone refers to the collection of photographs as “an outsider’s poetic field guide to living in Texas.” The show is arranged in clusters like chapters in the guide, with Stone acting as editor. Editing is central to “Highway 71 Revisited,” as these selections are culled from over 1500 photographs taken since his return. Here the camera’s neutral treatment of all subjects is interrupted by the artist’s interpretation and presentation, which creates connections between the photographs on both formal and conceptual grounds. While these connections are readily apparent and striking, the photographer purposely leaves narratives vague and open to the viewer’s own experience.

Accompanying the photographs is an editioned “mix tape” and a selection of old record sleeves altered with Stone’s photographs.