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David Gilbert

Coming of Age

September 8 - October 20, 2013

Opening Reception : September 8, 2013 6-8 pm

Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery is pleased to present Coming of Age, David Gilbert’s second solo show with the gallery. An opening reception will be held on Sunday, September 8 from 6-8PM.

David Gilbert’s photographs in recent years have dramatized the transformative properties of the medium. In his second show with the gallery, Gilbert focuses on his studio as an environment of evolution and maturation. Photographing the messy processes of painting and assemblage, the resulting images transform the playful, intimate space into a pictorial grand epic. Coming of Age bridges a childlike world of wonder and magic with the intellectual and coherent world of the adult. 

Attending carefully to lighting, composition, and framing, Gilbert creates an otherworldly, two-dimensional scene from a recognizable, three-dimensional one. Much as Brancusi photographed his sculptures in the context of his studio, Gilbert recognizes the importance of the moments of confluence between the objects he’s constructing, the materials around him, and the space of the studio. 

In certain images, such as Drama at Sunset (Summer), the outside environment of Los Angeles begins to assert herself as a player in these interior dramas. Natural light moves across the studio. Paint is applied to canvases. Objects are rearranged again and again. The photographs reflect the world of the studio- coming together, falling apart.