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Graham Anderson

The Mirror Grove

June 22 - August 11, 2023

Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery is pleased to present “The Mirror Grove,” a new solo exhibition of works by Graham Anderson, opening June 23 and running through [August 11, 2023 (extended)].

Each oil painting in Graham Anderson’s fifth solo show with the gallery defies expectations of spatial logic, stylistic purity, and distinctions between abstraction and representation. For Anderson, marks are akin to atoms: bits of information and material that coalesce or disperse to form fields of depth or larger volumetric form. Layers of pointillist dots create staticky grounds on which to explore planar overlap, illusions of scale, and the rendered shadows of trompe l’oeil.

In these paintings, an orange circle is a speck of dust, a globular fruit, or a planetary giant; at times it could be all these things at once. As Anderson’s shapes expand in scale, he has sought new forms of which they can play off. In certain paintings, such as “Advice From the Sun” a unique gnarled and  meandering linework has developed. This automatic drawing style follows no clear path other than that set forth by the impulse of movement to define an edge, which could appear topographical, botanical, or electric.

As a group, these paintings propose different states of being from canvas to canvas. Anderson’s explorations take many points of departure and allow for us as viewers to compare the existential makeup of objects in his compositions, questioning our understanding of spatial relationships as well as relationships between objects and within subjects through illusionistic play.

Graham Anderson lives and works in New York City. He holds a BFA from The Cooper Union (2003). Anderson has exhibited in shows at White Columns, Robert Miller Gallery and James Cohan Gallery. He has also presented a solo project with Downstairs Projects in Brooklyn, and the FourAM window space in collaboration with Caitlin Keogh. In 2011, Anderson was a resident artist at the Wiels Contemporary Art Centre in Brussels, Belgium. This is Anderson’s fifth solo exhibition with Klaus von Nichtssagend.


Graham Anderson Reviewed in The New York Times

Graham Anderson's 2023 solo show The Mirror Grove, was reviewed by Will Heinrich for The New York Times. Heinrich considers Anderson's use of oranges as suitable subject matter for the artist's ongoing project on perception.

The Mirror Grove

Edition No.18 of KLAUSGALLERY.CLOUD peeks behind the curtain of Graham Anderson’s 2023 solo show The Mirror Grove.


Graham Anderson
Exhibition Catalog, 2021

5.5 x 8.5 inch, 26 page, soft cover, full color catalog of the Graham Anderson 2021 exhibition at Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery.