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Ian Pedigo

September 12 - October 18, 2015

Annex Space

Ian Pedigo’s sculpture and wall pieces inaugurate Klaus von Nichtssagend’s new annex adjoining the main space.

In this work Pedigo continues with interpretations of the artifact and their preservation in context of the archive or collection. A sculpture occupying the center of the gallery employs an unusually shaped plinth made of raw plywood, and topped with blue industrial carpet. This platform is a contrasting backdrop for an elegant combination of disparate objects: steel pipe, painted coffee pot, car windshield wiper, and a tree branch.

On one wall hangs a digital collage of overlaid images from published materials mounted onto a wooden box framing structure. Titled Knife Ammonite Fossil Stadium, images of a prehistoric artifact, sporting architecture and a modern kitchen tool are combined to form one spiraling composition.

An arrangement of cut cow bones attached to multicolored shoelaces mounted onto a black cloth ground constitute the third piece in the room. This unusual combination of materials roughly mimics a night sky constellation or pictogram, and embodies Pedigo’s practice of layering organic and synthetic objects into formal assemblages, flattening time through his aesthetics.