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June 23 - August 6, 2017

Performance Friday, June 23 at 7PM.

Young Antiquities launches June 23 on KLAUSGALLERY.NET

Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery is pleased to present a three-part exhibition of new work by LoVid, a collaborative duo working in textile, video, sound, and performance – at the intersection of media and material.

An installation of video sculpture and wall works will open at the gallery on June 23, accompanied by an online artwork launching the same day on and a live performance that evening at 7PM. The installation and online component will be on view through August 5 in the front gallery.

Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus have been working under the moniker LoVid for over a decade. Their interdisciplinary practice explores the invisible or intangible aspects of contemporary society, such as communication systems and biological signals. They are particularly interested in the merging of computer and human evolution, and as such their work uses technology and handmade practices.

On June 23rd LoVid will perform live at the gallery in the main space. Hinkis and Lapidus play in tandem a homemade synthesizer while wearing LoVid fabrics in an environment painted with video projections. The sound and visuals are coordinated creating an intense and saturated in sync experience.

The front gallery will display fabric pieces and a 5-channel video piece. Each of the works relate to the others formally and aesthetically, as the paper and fabric pieces are drawn from LoVid video stills. The 5-channel video piece, playing on flat screen monitors, is an abstract colorful montage of seemingly analog glitches, zig zags, shapes, and stripes rolling across the screen and morphing from one scene to the next. The result is a mesmerizing and captivating experience.

Young Antiquities, a new internet artwork will launch on on June 23. This piece takes it cues from digital 3D exploration tools, including one the Smithsonian Museum has created to explore the ancient artifacts in their collection. LoVid used an array of 3D scanners including one from a paleontology lab, treating their sculptures as artifacts. The scans are presented as videos of LoVid’s soft sculptures (some on display in the gallery). The piece visually revolves through every angle of the sculptures, at times becoming bitmapped and low res. It is unclear if the bit mapping is from the digital source material of the sculptures, or from the loss of detail resulting in too much digital information for the computer to display.

LoVid’s performances have been presented at the Issue Project Room (NY), Museum of Modern Art (NY), Museum of the Moving Image (NY), Graham Foundation (Chicago), Eyebeam (NY), FACT (UK), PS1 (NY) and The Kitchen (NY), among many others. LoVid’s videos have been screened in galleries, festivals, and events worldwide including Moving Image Art Fair (NY), Modern Art Oxford (UK), Art in General (NY), Siskel Theater (Chicago), International Film Festival Rotterdam (Netherlands), and NY Underground Film Festival (NY). LoVid’s installations and objects have been included in solo and group exhibitions worldwide including Radiator Gallery (NY), The Center for Creativity Craft & Design (NC), The Neuberger Museum (NY), Netherlands Media Art Institute (Netherlands), Science Museum Jerusalem (Israel), CAM Raleigh (NC), Real Art Ways (CT), The Jewish Museum (NY), Science Gallery (Ireland), and New Museum (NY). In addition, LoVid creates large scale interdisciplinary projects that combine new technology with social interventions and public spaces. These have been supported by and produced in collaboration with Rhizome, Franklin Furnace, Elastic City, Wave Farm, The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Experimental TV Center, and LMCC. LoVid has received additional awards from NYSCA, NYFA, Foundation for Contemporary Art, and Greenwall Foundation. LoVid’s single channel videos are distributed by EAI.