Group Exhibition

December 16 - December 19, 2004

Opening Reception : December 15, 2004 7-10 pm

Glen Baldridge, 10 Scoops, 200410 color silkscreen print
Teresa Seemann, Baldessari on a Bad Day, 2004digital print, paper, paint and clockDiameter 10 inches
Samuel Wilson, untitled, 2004silkscreen print6 1/4 x 8 3/4 inches
Sarah Small, Chris Suck Tit, 2004inkjet on photopaper12 x 10 inches
Stephen Pascher, Available, 2004cut acetate stencil30 x 8 3/4 inches
Michael Mahalchick, Bodega Bag, 2004fabric, beer, and toilet paper15 x 15 inches
Matthew Chase, Trident Hiapidial Hexapod, 2004chewing gum and found plastic 3 x 1 1/2 inches
Lilian Haidar, Playground Wall,, 2002black and white photograph8 x 10 inches
Karen Lanzoni, Honeysuckle Hedge, 2004india ink on paint chip on bristol board14 x 10 inches
Jeremy Wagner, Britney Spears New York City Subway Series, 2004color photograph 4 x 6 inches
John Pearson, untitled, 2000inkjet print (Epson Ultrachrome ink),7 1/4 x 9 3/4 inches
Julian Pozzi, Dennis Kucinich, 2004heat transfer on watercolor paper14 x 10 inches
Jasiu Krajewski, untitled, 2004pencil and paint on pape9 x 12 inches
Hal Lee, Rocks in Space, 2004silkscreen on paper14 x 9 inches
Emily Newman, In Leaving England, 20041 minute 28 second DVD
Drew Willis, TArot #1, 2004inkjet on photopaper5 3/4 x 8 inches
Alex Dodge, Small Paintings from Images of Voyager, 2004watercolor and toner on paper10 x 7 inches
David Galbraith, Postcard No. 1, 2004toner on pre-stamped postcard5 1/2 x 3 1/5 inches
Christopher Shores, Near Cholame, 2004soap, glass and metal16 x 10 inches
Barry Stone, Good Times Bad Times, 200410 page cloth bound book illustrated with 11 full page color photographs
Robert Hult, Brooklyn Waterfront, 1986, 2004silkscreen on paper12 x 11 inches
Baptiste Ibar, Fear and Other States of Freedom,, 2004oil on paper4 x 7 inches
Anna Tanner, Remaining Tour, 2004pencil on paper18 x 24 inches
Aya Shiraishi, untitled, 2004sewn fabric
Alex Lesy, Crystal Castle, 2004inkjet print on rag paper10 x 8 inches
Aude Jomini, Creature of Frost, 2004ink on plexiglass16 x 10 inches
Andrianna Campbell, untitled, 2004acrylic on mulberry paper30 x 22 inches
Andrea Hackman, Hubbell Michigan, 2004black and white photograph10 x 8 inches

Press Release

Twenty seven artists created an editioned art work of ten or more multiples. Everything from silk-screened prints, to artist books, to postcards, to bodega bags are on exhibit, all between twenty and two hundred dollars.

Glen Baldridge
Andrianna Campbell
Matthew Chase
Alex Dodge
David Galbraith
Andrea Hackman
Lilian Haidar
Rob Hult
Baptiste Ibar
Aude Jomini
Jasiu Krajewski
Karin Lanzoni
Alex Lesy
Michael Mahalchick
Emily Newman
Stephan Pascher
John Pearson
Julian Pozzi
Teresa Seemann
Aya Shiraishi
Christopher Shores
Sarah Small
Barry Stone
Anna Tanner
Jeremy Wagner
Drew Willis
Sam Wilson