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Pamela Jorden

May 27 - April 26, 2009

Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery is pleased to announce the third NY solo exhibition by Los Angeles based painter Pamela Jorden. The show will run from March 27th through April 26th with a reception for the artist on Friday, March 27th from 7-9PM.

In Jorden’s new oil paintings on linen her continued dynamic treatment of space is on full exhibit. Transparent washes meet with thick textural marks, colliding dark hues and intense bursts of color. Matte surfaces interact with glossy wet drips and spills moving in all directions. Employing varying transparencies, Jorden’s technique allows the viewer’s eye to move in and around the compositions. Sharp triangles of bold primary colors in one painting separate and layer like refracted light over subtleties in blacks and grays. The paintings can be quiet at times, coaxing the viewer’s focus from shape to color, and between textural shifts. In other moments forceful blasts of white appear through the blacks and colored markings, playfully shaking the sense of ground.

Jorden approaches each canvas as an experiment, deciding which marks to begin with and then engaging in a search for the final composition. In her paintings, there is a precarious balance of space and a tension between control and free-form movement. For her, the optical play created by the accumulation of marks and masses of color is due not only to the materiality of paint on linen, but also to the influence of light. The paintings resolve themselves not in stasis but through a perpetual fluctuation interacting with the viewer’s perspective.