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Thomas Øvlisen

Jørgen Larsen, Taarbæk

September 7 - October 19, 2014

Opening Reception : September 7, 2014 6-8 pm

Jørgen Larsen, Taarbæk

…Has been sitting in me for quite a while. He was our neighbor and just plain up a great guy. In 2013 his wife fell ill and died and shortly after he died too. Aneurysm. He was at the top of his game. Helping everybody in town. Just got back from the boat ride of his life and was planning more.
Jørgen Larsen, Taarbæk was just a regular guy, but he did everything for everybody else all the time and this will be his small tribute. His place in the internet. He was from a time before it.
-Thomas Øvlisen 

For his fourth show at Klaus, Thomas Øvlisen will present a new body of sculptures with painted surfaces. Made from styrofoam blocks cut into shapes suggesting forms such as flying buttresses, surfboards, doors, and building blocks, the sculptures physically and visually employ mass and lightness.

The painted outer shells or skin of the work are made from multiple layers of materials such as fiberglass, bed linens, spray paint and autolacquer all buffed into super smooth surfaces, revealing layers of color suggesting reverie and reflection. Øvlisen encourages viewers to touch the work, connecting them to the artist’s experience in the studio as a maker, and drawing attention to his own personal relationship with the forms he’s sculpted.