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V Magazine

A Touch of Klaus: Glen Baldridge

By Christopher Bartley

May 1, 2007

Artist Glen Baldridge’s new work at Klaus von Nichtssagend explores two extremely timely topics: angst amongst America’s youth and an ever-worsening environmental picture. Baldridge uses graphite to great effect, applying it deftly to a pair of paintings that spell out “NEVER FORGIVE” and “NEVER EVER” in tiny wildflowers. Low-res jpegs are the starting point for a set of drawings of a burnt-out forest wasteland. Baldridge uses an eraser to create contrasting white trunks amidst a sea of black pencil. The resulting works are stark and beautiful, wherein lies the paradox of Baldridge’s work. He treats heavy topics like environmental destruction with humor and lightness to keep them from ever becoming too dark. There’s a balance. Sure, there are wildflowers. He applied them with a tattoo gun.