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Artnet Magazine

Gotham Art & Theater

By Elisabeth Kley

May 20, 2009

Glen Baldridge at von Nichtssagend

Glen Baldridge, whose solo exhibition is at Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery in Williamsburg until June 7, is also concerned with impending disaster. In Lucky Sevens, a series of screen prints was coated with silvery scratch off material, which Baldridge removed to reveal images of coffins from an undertaker’s catalogue — thus noting that death is the only prize everyone’s certain to win. Model names include “perfection” and “aspen,” and styles range from a plain closed rectangular box (#40) to “titan,” an elaborate satin-lined number with an open lid.

More temporary disappointments are memorialized in collection (2004-2009), a five gallon water bottle stuffed with losing lottery tickets, while the fire next time is evoked in Jenga® (2009) a miniaturized “endless column” of scorched wooden blocks that brings to mind notions of “disaster modernism,” and falling_ash.jpg (2009), a beautiful graphite drawing of a silvery ash-covered tree at night. Prices range from $600 for one coffin print to $3,000 for the bottle of defunct tickets.