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The Interlaced Layers of Tamara Gonzales

By Samuel Jablon

November 14, 2014

The Brooklyn-based painter Tamara Gonzales works with spray paint and lace to create digital, optical, urban, and electric paintings. Using pieces of lace as stencils to juxtapose decorative elements, Gonzalez forms a meditative space within the surface of the paintings. She is especially interested in Baroque churches, rose windows, altars, excess, gaudiness and veiling; these elements appear throughout her work. The lace, spray paint, and stencil are used in place of loaded brushstrokes, removing the gesture.

Gonzales is a thoroughly contemporary abstractionist, which is to say her work could be found in a Tumblr feed as easily as it is found on the white wall of a gallery. There is an immediacy that lends itself to the nature of the internet, and there is also a materiality and contemplativeness that lends itself to abstract painting. The paintings exist somewhere in the middle, caught between new and arcane technology. The work offers ambiguous moments with blurred patterns and no clear narrative; they become objects that need to be investigated, probed, and literally looked into.