Ian Pedigo
Works 2007-2010, 2011


Essays by Chris Sharp, Lillian Davis, and Ryan Doherty. Published by Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG).

Ian Pedigo’s work is located between found-object assemblage and three-dimensional collage. Removing materials from their original context and incorporating their associative qualities in new forms, he creates objects already in a state of temporal change. Homasote, magazine clippings, concrete, fabric, and plastic cups are arranged and integrated so as to coax out poetic visual subtleties. These new structures and formal tableaux are imbued with formal and conceptual concerns proper to both painting and sculpture. Ian Pedigo studied sculpture at the University of Texas at Austin and at the Salzburg Academy of Fine Art. His work has been shown in London (Rokeby), Paris (Cardenas Bellanger), and Brooklyn (Klaus von Nichtssagend). This is the first monograph dedicated to his work.