Jennifer J. Lee

Jennifer J. Lee, Stacked Chairs, 2018oil on jute15 x 11 inches, 38.10 x 27.94 cm
Jennifer J. Lee, Window III, 2018oil on jute21 x 19 inches, 53.34 x 48.26 cm
Jennifer J. Lee, Wave I, 2018oil on jute8 x 11 inches, 20.32 x 27.94 cm
Jennifer J. Lee, Turkey Wings, 2018oil on jute15 x 12 inches, 27.94 x 45.72 cm
Jennifer J. Lee, Blinds III, 2018oil on Jute12 x 9 inches, 30.48 x 22.86 cm


Born 1977
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY


MFA Painting, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Madison, ME.

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA. B.F.A.
École nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France.

Solo Exhibitions

Wallflowers, Chateau Shatto, Los Angeles, CA

Cold Turkey, Lulu/La Masion de Rendez-Vous, Brussels, Belgium
Day Trip, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, New York, NY

Two-Person Exhibitions

Nowhere, ​print release and solo exhibition, Pressure Club, Philadelphia, PA.

Far Out​, with Dana Powell, Castle Drone, Boston, MA
Reminiscing​, Pretty Days, curated by Gregory Kalliche and Harry Gould-Harvey, site specific,
Henderson, North Carolina

Group Exhibitions

Material Images, Marvin Gardens, Brooklyn, NY
A Cloth Over a Birdcage, ​Chateau Shatto, Los Angeles, CA
Double Play, curated by Left Field Gallery with The Pit Presents, The Pit, Los Angeles, CA
Last Night I Wore a Costume, curated by Lisa Cooley, LX Arts, New York, NY
The Views, Fisher Parrish, Brooklyn, NY

Italicized Reality, ​curated by Andy Cross, Sardine Gallery, Brooklyn, NY Sarah Nearer Fuller
Flower​, curated by Joshua Bienko, C for Courtside, Knoxville, Tennessee
💥🎢☀🏖🌈🐳🌋​, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, NY, NY
The Mushroom Show, curated by Dan Gratz and Letha Wilson, Craryville, NY
Folded Canopy, Central Park Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
FFFFFFiguration, curated by Jonathan Chapline, Nevven Gallery, Göteberg, Sweden
Actually Weird, curated by JJ Manford, Underdonk Gallery, Brooklyn NY

Paper Cuts, curated by Kristian Day, Tripp Gallery, London, UK
Far Out, two-person exhibition with Dana Powell, Castle Drone, Boston, MA
Drawer, FlatFile, Deli Gallery, Queens, NY
Garudge Sale, CANADA, New York, NY
Portals, curated by Ashley Garrett and Anna Ortiz, Transmitter Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
The Cactus Show, Curated by Dan Gratz and Letha Wilson, Craryville, NY
The Middler Art Fair, The Middler, Queens, NY

Stone Soup Nasty, Orgy Park, Brooklyn NY
From the Roota to the Toota, Good Enough Gallery, Atlanta, GA
RISE, curated by Lynn Sullivan, Four Letter Word Projects, Brooklyn, NY
The O ce, with 2MF, The Knockdown Center, Queens, NY
On the Fence, curated by Craig Poor Monteith and Steve Mykietyn, Casual Art Fair, NY, NY Super Sketchy, with Alleyoop Projects, DCTV, NY, NY
Waze of Seething, with Alexander Barton, GCA Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Blur (Life’s a Gas), Building 32 Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Exchange, Visual Center for Contemporary Art, Carlow, Ireland
Jennifer Lee and Terry Young: New Works, The Shop, Pittsburgh, PA

Santa’s Car Key Party, Orgy Park, Brooklyn, NY December’s Letters, Orgy Park, Brooklyn, NY

Kelly’s Eye Club, Orgy Park, Brooklyn, NY
Bushwick Blackout, The Shirey, Brooklyn, NY
BÄTTERKINDEN, curated by Dan Levenson, Triangle Artists Workshop, Brooklyn

Gestures, Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA

Curatorial Projects

Dirt Life; Frankie Phillips, Dave Choi, Yasamin Keshtkar, co-curated with Zuriel Waters, Orgy Park Tandem, co-curated with Zuriel Waters, Harbor Gallery, NY, NY 2015 Hotel California, 1317 Je erson, Brooklyn, NY


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Public Collections

Göteborg Konst, Göteborgs Stad, (Göteborg’s public ne arts and cultural administration), Sockerbruket 2-4, 414 51 Göteborg, Sweden