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Joy Curtis

Joy Curtis’ work uses an array of history-laden materials to creates visual fables. Her practice involves extensive research from the origins of commercial fabrics and dyes, to minerology to architecture. She layers and juxtaposes cloth with brass, hand dyed fabrics rusted with oxidized metals, wax and bronze. Her works describe a rich inner world, one which can be deciphered through its material references, but not fully understood.

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Joy Curtis: The Inner Hospital

Explore the making of “The Inner Hospital” in Edition No. 10 of KLAUSGALLERY.CLOUD

outside exhibitions

Joy Curtis in group exhibition at Al Held Foundation

Joy Curtis is included in a group exhibition of outdoor sculpture by Joy Curtis, Pam Lins and Christina Tenaglia at the Al Held Foundation in Boiceville, NY. The exhibition is organized by the River Valley Arts Collective and is curated by Alyson Baker. To view the exhibition make an appointment by contacting - the exhibition is on view through October 10.

outside exhibition

Joy Curtis in Group Show at Museum of New Art

Joy Curtis has works included in Broken Open, a group show at MONA in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The show is up from April 19 to September 25, 2022.


Sculpture Today: A Discussion with Joy Curtis and Rachel Beach

Hrag Vartanian interviews Joy Curtis and Rachel Beach about their concurrent sculpture shows.

Outside Exhibition

Joy Curtis in an exhibition at Ceysson & Bénétière

Joy Curtis has new work in Cult of the Crimson Queen, a show curated by Michelle Segre at Ceysson & Bénétière. The show opens February 5 and runs through March 14, 2020. Artists in the show include Sarah Braman, Amy Brener, Sedrick Chisom, Kari Cholnoky, Joy Curtis, Nikita Gale, Naotaka Hiro, Michael Mahalchick, Sarah Peters and Jennifer Sirey.


Hearts Gymnastics

Joy Curtis and Melissa Brown discuss their critique club, Hearts Gymnastics. Towards the end of the discussion, Cynthia Carlson joins the conversation.