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The New York Times

Donna Chung and Liz Luisada: “2 Kool For Mystery Skool”

By Roberta Smith

March 4, 2005

DONNA CHUNG AND LIZ LUISADA: ‘2 KOOL FOR MYSTERY SKOOL,’ Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, 438 Union Avenue, near Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, (917)912-5482, through March 20. In a moment when dazzling drawing and collage skills are the norm, the double debut of these two Los Angeles artists and recent graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design still stands out. Ms. Chung, a creative materialist, favors collage, eccentric lettering, unusual found paper and additions of sparkle or tape. Ms. Luisada likes to work on wet paper, creating blurred patterns and images with a festive, lighted-from-within ephemeralness. Both borrow from popular cultures, whether Eastern or Western, past or present, and proceed with a freewheeling purposefulness that brings to mind Sigmar Polke. The gallery is new and named for a fictional person. ”Nichtssagend” is German for ”It says nothing.”