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Ian Pedigo

By Maximilíano Durón

November 2015

Ian Pedigo

Klaus von Nichtssagend

September 12- October 8


This modest three-week show was meant to launch a new annex, often seen as a venue for artists to exhibit their stranger, more experimental creations. Here, though, Ian Pedigo’s sculpture, collage, and assemblage seemed mostly to expand on the inventive and imaginative works he showed last year in the gallery’s main space.

In Curve (2014) Pedigo combines cut cow bones an neon shoelaces into a bent shape over black cotton. The piece is graceful and effortless, and its odd juxtaposition of materials appeared natural, organic even.

With Soon as with the Other (2015) Pedigo marries Duchamp and Calder in form. A half-painted plastic arc bears a suspended windshield wiper that dangles in mid-air, as if about to cause the entire contraption to come crashing down into the bright, royal-blue carpet below.

The final work, Knife Ammonite Fossil Stadium (2015), synthesizes the objects listed in its title into an enrapturing composition in which the ammonite fossil assumes the likeness of the evil ey staring out at the viewer.

While the works in this exhibition were visually and intellectually engaging, they were, at the same time, what we’d expect from an artist who invariably delivers the unexpected in his mastery of gathering and arranging disparate objects.