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The New Yorker

Summer Pictures

August, 2009

The fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi curated this confectionary exhibition, complete with a little painting of cupcakes—vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry—by Wayne Thiebaud. The jaunty mood is announced at the entrance by Julia Sherman’s ten-foot-long canvas of breezily askew dots and stripes and Donna Chung’s confetti-colored collage. It continues in Maira Kalman’s gouache parade of breakfasts and Adrienne Lobel’s abstracted trees (which nod to Cézanne and van Gogh). But bright activity is pushed to the top edge of a mud-colored plain in Lisa Sanditz’s landscape, and a pair of diminutive paintings by Maureen Gallace, one of white barns in a green field and the other of sunset, temper beauty with melancholy, as does Jane Freilicher’s exquisite still-life, of white blossoms at l’heure bleue. Sept. 12. (Saul, 535 W. 22nd St. 212-627-2410.)