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The New York Times

Unspooling Time Loops

By Roberta Smith

August 6, 2009

…All three exhibitions, and the art in them, have a transitory quality, both in their subjects and their presentation. Nothing seems really fixed. “Today and Everyday,” a small show of nine artists that is in the garagelike structure on the building’s roof, maintains this mood, although it is far more object oriented. The show was organized by the artist and independent curator Margaret Lee, who contributed a photograph resembling an oversize postcard that depicts elements from the other participants’ work arranged in a handsome still life. The other artists then reclaimed these elements and made works with and around them.
For Josh Klein this meant taking a clumsy red-glazed ceramic desk caddy and placing it on an office desk complete with chair and computer, all of which he “glazed” with shades of light-beige (clay-colored) paint. Donna Chung’s painted cardboard sculpture of a big slice of watermelon was returned to her wrapped in semi-transparent paper, and it remains so, figuring in an ephemeral installation of rope and cut paper. The ensemble echoes the tan cardboard and white paint of the watermelon slice, which are only really visible in Ms. Lee’s photograph. Olaf Breuning, Sam Wilson, Anicka Yi and Maggie Peng, Piet Houtenbos and Carissa Rodriguez are also represented twice; the props in Ms. Lee’s photograph are yeast for the art…