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Amna Asghar

Amna Asghar’s work looks to the American experience through a multitude of cultural motifs: from her family’s Pakistani popular culture ephemera to Disney movies to Jean-Léon Gérôme’s orientalist paintings, to Hudson River School works, to currents of contemporary political thought.  Asghar draws from her own life in the Detroit area where she grew up and now resides, making sophisticated works that mix imagery across cultures, creating conversation between communities.

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Amna Asghar Interviewed for The Museum of Non-visible Art

Amna Asghar was interviewed by Brainard Carey for The Museum of Non-Visible Art on Yale Radio. Asghar discusses the backstory behind the title of her 2023 solo exhibition at Klaus von Nichtssagend gallery, what she is currently reading, the cinematic and art historical references in her work, and more.

Amna Asghar: Studio Remix

Edition No.8 of KLAUSGALLERY.CLOUD focuses on Amna Asghar’s studio practice. This edition takes an indepth look at the reference materials and the methods in creating the paintings.

Putside Exhibition

Amna Asghar solo exhibition at MoCAD

Amna Asghar's first solo museum exhibition, Well Wishes, is on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. Well Wishes features works that intertwine Asghar’s familial archive with found images from American and Pakistani popular cultures. The exhibition suggests that art is a technology that can flatten time, shorten geographical distance, and speak across cultural borders. The exhibition runs June 4 - August 8, 2021.


Amna Asghar and Damon Davis explore identity in MOCAD summer 2021 exhibitions

Sara Barron reviewed Amna Asghar's solo show at MoCAD for the Detroit Metro Times.


Amna Asghar on Reclaiming Orientalist Imagery

Emily Watlington interviewed Amna Asghar about her practice for Art in America.


Amna Asghar interviewed for the Whitney Museum about the Andy Warhol show

Amna Asghar is interviewed about the influence of Andy Warhol on the occasion of the Whitney Museum's "Andy Warhol: A to B and Back Again."